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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Never said "keep up" as for the other, you are being overly sensitive. Naive and ignorant are not personal attacks. I said your view on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is naive. I said you were ignorant of many facts about its nature. I didnt call you dumb or stupid; you are simply unaware (ignorant) of the facts. This is in part due to the fact that you are not an American living here day to day.

As for the rest of your comment. I will get to that later. gotta get to work
Fair enough, it just comes across as condescending.

If you believe I am naive about an issue, please educate me on it, calling me naive tends to get my back up. There is no way that anybody could know everything about every issue in the world. I've spent far more time studying WWII than more recent wars (probably because WWII is the single biggest event in shaping the way the world is today) but that doesn't mean I don't have an understanding about current issues. Believe it or not we have books, TVs, the internets, and other media options here in the great white north too!

If I'm discussing something with somebody, take cars for example, and they tell me an obviously wrong fact, I don't say "you're naive, you have no weight in this discussion!!!" My mother taught me to say something like "I think it's actually works like ...". It's just a way of talking to people that promotes constructive conversations rather than argumentative bantering.
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