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Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post
US is not a "democracy" how can it be with 2 parties? We have representative democracy in get the 10% of the votes? You get the 10% of the seats. That keeps mega parties in control.

I'm not talking about 2, 300K per year. I am talking about TRILLIONS shored in the cayman islands because they are allowed to do so, bankrupting this country
I am talking about economic terrorism toward 3rd world countries, I am talking about monopoly ( Communication, seeds, ) subsidies for oil and corn...and of course weapon production...big Pharma, and on..and on...Those are the powers...not the guy with a 2 million dollar house.

It's pretty desperate! But it got this bad in the last 10 years...right? Was it better before? Or it looked better from outside? ( Europe)

What can I do? Keep voting for example.
I voted for proportional representation in 2007 when Canada had a referendum regarding the issue. Unfortunately the majority voted to keep the first past the post system. Maybe they didn't understand the issue, but THE PEOPLE voted to keep the old system vs. going to proportional representation. Remember that in a democracy the people can vote against democratic ideals, just the very right to vote makes it a democracy.

Now I can't speak with first hand knowledge for the other issues you mentioned. I know that defence contracts are huge. But liberals who put down defence contracts are the same liberals that back saving the auto sector because it keeps jobs. So what's more important, investing in national security or investing in the auto industry?

The large industries you mentioned with monopolies or near monopolies may be a product of capitalism in general. A properly run large corporation can add value to a product more efficiently than a small company can. The internet, shipping, etc. make it less necessary to have brick and mortar local companies. The large companies inevitably buy up the small ones, and oligopolies and monopolies are slowly created. The company I work for is the largest in the world in it's sector. We've been bought up, and bought up multiple companies in the quest for expansion. In some markets we've had to sell off chunks of the company because we were deemed to have too large a stake in the industry. There is massive amounts of money changing hands but it's all part of the new world and globalization.

Right now the chinese government is trying to buy a Calgary oil and gas company. Many people are against this because they don't want foreign ownership of our Canadian company. Meanwhile the company in question has a significant portion of it's operations in overseas oil.

Now, has it taken 10 years to get this bad? I don't think so! The systemic problems we're talking about have been happening for years. Possibly centuries... There is more awareness these days which may make the problem seem worse. What I would like to see is more active participation in helping change things. Sure voting helps. I think that's Step 1 as far as getting involved goes. If we take the steak and cut it into little pieces, I'm sure we can finish it all and be on the path to getting better, unfortunately there are a lot of issues to deal with so it will take a long time.

What kind of world do we want to leave behind? What kind of world do we want to retire in? What kind of world do we want right now?

My grandparents came here from Finland when there was a lot of turmoil with the Russians. They wanted a better life for future generations. Finland was invaded by Russia and fought back (and arguably won). Now looking at life, do I have it better than my grandparents did? Fuck yeah! I'm able to snowboard 30+ days a year, enjoy a comfortable home, have my finances in order. Sure it took me a lot of hard work, but the climb has been easier (I'm sure) than it was for them. It's been harder than my parents generation, but in the grand scheme of things we ARE improving quality of life, not the other way around.
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