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Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post
I appreciate your patience and accuracy explaining...but I just don't like Republicans, their way of thinking, their principles, their superiority ( the alleged "American exceptionalism?" do they read history? Exceptional at what? Bombing? And I sincerely think if Obama looked more like...Clinton, they would agree with half of its policies. Yes. I am saying that they are blatant racists. And not even ashamed of it.
That's fine not to like them. I can't stand Democrat policies, and I'm socially liberal. Fiscal policies is where I draw the line and as bad as Republicans are with money Democrats are just plain terrible.

Democrats run California, and have done so for the past 6 decades or so. We were the 5th largest economy in the world (now down to 8, or even lower than that). Yet we're perennially in trouble money wise, we run a deficit each year (even though our constitution says not to), our roads look like shit compared to a place like the Metro areas of Phoenix or Texas, and we spend Shit on education.

Whenever we have a fiscal crisis what's first on the chopping block? Education. It's always education.

Meanwhile employer salaries and pensions take up half the budget. We chase businesses out of the state, and then complain about declining revenues. Our unemployment is higher than the national average, in a state that should be #1 every single time. Other states are poaching our best companies (tech, biotech).

They came up with nothing in 4 years after 8 years of pillaging and illegal wars, illegal private armies, illegal contracts.... On top of it most of them swore, the night Obama was elected, to oppose him in everything. No matter matter the american people, the justice, or the future.. That to me is treason toward the People for the interest and gain of few. And Romney is one of those mega rich few. The same rich Bush worshipped and was part of. Not my tribe.
That is false. Nobody swore to oppose him. You're talking about Mitch McConnell who famously said he was going to try to make Obama a One-Term president. That was in late 2010 close to the mid-term elections. That was after more than a year of Obama and the rest of the Democrats stonewalling the GOP.

He said if Obama continued down his path, he was going to make sure Obama was a one term President. But if Obama turned around, and worked with the GOP, he would not do that, and would work with the President. Your version of the story is the version that is passed around liberal media circles, but it is patently false. - Access Denied

October 2010. Here is the full quote. I've bolded the relevant parts.
McConnell: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

NJ: Does that mean endless, or at least frequent, confrontation with the president?

McConnell: If President Obama does a Clintonian backflip, if he’s willing to meet us halfway on some of the biggest issues, it’s not inappropriate for us to do business with him.
The reason why he brings up Clinton is because Clinton started his term exactly how Obama started his. They both tried to shove liberal agenda down our throats as fast as they could. That led to Republicans winning the mid-term elections in 1994, and Republicans winning re-election in 2010. The facts were similar.

However, Clinton, noting his defeat, pivoted, and moved back to the center and worked with Republicans the rest of the way. Obama hasn't. McConnell is saying, if Obama did what Clinton did, they can work together. If he doesn't, then they're going to try and get a Republican President elected.

It's not quite as sensational as the media wants to paint it.

People also forget that It wasn't just Clinton who balanced our budget. It was the GOP Congress who forced it.

Do you remember that Govt. actually shut down? Yes, Newt Gingrich shut down Congress because of a fight with Clinton. The reason? Both wanted a balanced budget, but Gingrich wanted it sooner, and Clinton refused. Gingrich shut govt. down for a few weeks (spread over two periods). They finally agreed to a compromise, balance the budget in 7 years. But Clinton wanted it to be later, Gingrich wanted it sooner. It actually happened sooner than 7 years. Clinton gets credit, but you have to remember who forced Clinton's hands.

After that, Clinton moved all of his policies to the right. Remember, Obama loves him some Obama, and Clinton loves him some Clinton. But Obama is so rigid in his ideology, he will not violate it, even for ego. Clinton? Clinton doesn't give a shit. He's all about Clinton. So he moved to the right/center. He needed to protect his legacy. There is no better self-preserver than Clinton. He will do anything, in the name of self-preservation.

In 1996 he even declared, in the State of the Union, "the era of big government is over." That's how they worked together. That's how Obama can work with the GOP, but he's not budging an inch so we are at an impasse for now.

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