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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
How is any president responsible for your take home pay? How does any president control gas prices and insurance costs? These things are market driven and all companies have putting the squeeze on workers for far longer than Obama has been president. Blaming him for these things is no more credible than blaming Bush for them.
I would argue that a president's policy has an indirect influence on the market. And to elaborate about take home pay not increasing, these were things touted by a candidate who platformed on all the positive changes he was going to make, which would lead to things like growth in the middle class. Unfortunately, a lot of the promises made never happened. Granted, this isn't all Obama's fault and I don't mean to sound like it is. Obviously, the republicans in the house and senate who fought Obama over policy every step of the way made it hard to institute change.

My point was simply to say that in 4 years, life for the middle class has not gotten better, and in most fronts, it's stayed stagnant or gotten worse. This isn't a knock on solely Obama, but in my opinion, the leader of the country has to take some blame. Just because it wasn't his problem to begin with does not mean it's not his responsibility to clean it up. I'm sorry, but that's the gig you sign up for when you become president.

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Look at the global economy. Countries are not going to be placing orders for new jet liners when their economies are on the brink of collapse. Obama is not in control of the EU's economy. As for us, you are feeling the economic fallout from the 2008 crash which Obama had nothing to do with. Yes the recovery is painfully slow and people need a scapegoat to pin their anger on. All the economists at the time told us that this was s deep recession and that recovery was going to be historically slow regardless of won the 2008 election.

Imagine two things here:

1) How much worse it could be had we slipped into a full blown 2nd Great Depression

2) How much further along on the road to recovery we would be if not for Republican obstructionism. Remember, Frank Luntz and the House leadership met on Jan 20 2009 before Obama first sat in his chair and pledged to obstruct him every way possible regardless of what it did to the country.
Those are fair points, and I don't blame Obama for putting us in the situation. But from my point of view, the economy has not gotten any better. Sure, every month there's a new job report that gives us a little hope, but from my point of view, looking off my porch, I'm in the same situation financially that I was when he took office. I would have hoped for something a little better over the last four years. Perhaps those are unfair expectations considering how deep of a hole we were in, but look at it this way: If you hired a contractor to fix something on your house, and he fucked it up royally. So you hired a new contractor who made all sorts of promises about how great he was and all the great new things he was going to do with your house...then four years later, your house was still in shitty repair. I know that's a gross exaggeration of our economy, but you should get my gist.

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post

And don't think it wouldn't. Read the posts about Globaltech in China and the latest news story about Huweai in China and Mittens' involvement.
I think this is what most people are clueless about. Sure, Romney might fix our country short term, just as he has done with a lot of these small businesses. But what scares me is the long term effect of outsourcing even more jobs overseas. I need to do more research, but I can't imagine many of the companies he had his hands in during his Bain capital days are thriving today.

Originally Posted by backstop13 View Post
I am completely hopeless for this election. I honestly think no matter who gets elected, the middle class is in for a royal fucking.
not sure if you were going to respond to this or if you forgot to delete it, but to elaborate further, I'm not just speaking financially. I think no matter who gets elected, life for the average Joe will just get worse. From finances, to further erosion of constitutional freedoms, to a larger police-state, etc., I think we're all in for rough days ahead. Pardon my pessimism...
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