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Originally Posted by scout View Post
However, back to the main topic. The last season I rode, I got fed up with inserts, that I just bought those massive Electric goggles and wore my regular glasses underneath them. Work out ok, until my glasses (not the goggles) fogged or if I took a fall and my glasses completely dislodged.

I definitely recommend looking into PRK or Lasik.
Yeah man, my GF got her eyes done this spring too, so she's stoked to get out and ride glass free! I can tell you it's as good as you're hoping for... No more having to turn your face to look beside you either, no glasses frames in your way.

I used to ride sportbikes wearing glasses and they'd vibrate all over the place. Fun stuff!

Wish I had done it sooner but better late than never. Oh and reading glasses are required due to an issue totally unrelated to myopia. Even if you didn't get Lasik/PRK most people need reading glasses as they age.

One piece of advice, your eyes may regress after the surgery, so I strongly suggest paying for the lifetime warranty if that option is available. I may need a second surgery sooner than later as my eyes continue to get worse. But I paid more up front so that they're covered for the future.
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