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What are your guys' takes on ASTM 2040 vs EN/CE1077? (since a lot of this thread is about helmets)

I bought my helmet (that I'm still wearing, and thankfully haven't taken any big hits except for getting whiplashed into ice from a very small kicker last year) about 2002? Maybe? It was a Giro something for like $30 new and it says ASTM certified on it.

I was going to replace it last year after that hit, but noticed that 95% of helmets in stores now are EN/CE certification and have useless stuff like earbuds built in, and ASTM ones don't start till about the $100 mark. Even considering inflation, that helmet was the cheapest thing I could buy. The OCD me doesn't like the idea of wearing a EN only helmet lol.

Ski Helmets- Maintain Your Brain With A Ski Helmet here is an explanation if you aren't familiar with those standards.

And sadly the standards are nowhere near good enough that you won't get a concussion from hitting something hard =[
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