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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
I have been a PC enthusiast for over 25 years (pretty much as long as it has been viable at home, excluding the commodore 64 basically (but I also have experience mucking around with those, and actually can call the OS designer a friend whose life I got to save - LOL).

Apple is for people who need technology, but don't have any appreciation for it. You deal with and pay for whatever Apple gives you. With PCs you can do whatever you want, create your own solutions, be your own repairman, buy parts from whoever.

I actually thought the video in the OP was a little shortsighted and reactionary. This patent, while alarming, is hardly suprising. Patriot act... My hate for Apple is as old as my love for PC, the iPhone has little bearing on this.

So there are some "reasons" for Apple hate, though they may all be personal. Let me be clear that while I am a PClover, I am also NOT a Microsoft lover, in fact it would be fair to call me a hater of MS, but I'm too lazy to learn to run a linux box. Plus after putting up with their shitty OS for SOOOOO long, Windows 7 is finally worth the wait.

The new Galaxy S3 commercials (that make fun of the iPhone folks waiting in line) pretty much sums up the reality of the dichotomy that those of us who bother to make the distinction have always appreciated.
I've actually been in IT since 1999 everything from a network and storage engineer to a security consultant and application analyst working directly with developers and QA teams.

I got an iPhone because I needed a smartphone for work and when I got my IP4 there wasn't any viable Windows or Android phones available(on AT&T) and I found my girflriends iPhone handy for looking up shit on the road so I said screw it I'd see what all the excitement was about.

Fast forward 2.5 years and now we have 2 iphones an ipad and 2 Apple TV's but it'll be a cold day in hell before I buy an apple computer.

The thing with apple stuff is it JUST WORKS for example ANYONE with an iOS device can walk into our house and instantly stream music and HD video to our TV and stereo with zero configuration\changes and the iPad acts as a huge jukebox we can hand around at parties for people to choose music, youtube\snowboarding\kayaking videos......I used to be an apple hater too but until Google or Microsoft has this type of technology(that actually works as easily) and can make a phone that's a reliable as an iPhone(again 2+ years and not a single problem) I hate to say it but I'll be sticking with apple....I don't have time or energy to constant dick with my personal technology...when I get home or use my phone\tablet on the bus or train I just want to sit down and have everything work as it should not have to deal with any headaches and Google\Microsoft are just not quite there yet.

Then there's apps, yes Android gets most apps on iOS these days but not all(EPIC games for example) and what apps they do get are ports(and sometimes very very poorly coded ports) of the iOS versions....for example all my iOS games\Apps on my phone and iPad run at the screens EXACT native resolution(giving me a MUCH sharper image) and nice smooth framerates.......there's a reason that Android even though it's superior in many ways and features isn't considered a to be a viable gaming platform yet...its just WAY to fractured from a hardware and software GF's iPhone 3G is running iOS6 fine and it's over 3 years old...go ahead and find me a windows or android phone over 3 years old that's running the latest OS won't.

When it comes time to get a new phone I"ll be looking closely at the new Android and Windows phones but they have a HUGE uphill battle with us

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