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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
If you're riding a lot of groomers you might want to consider something like a Burton Custom X in 164 or 164W (no need to go wide unless your boots are huge). I haven't compared the two in person, but it looks like the 165 Skunk Ape is designed for a 140+ pound person, and the Custom X 164 is designed for a 170+ pound person.
Dude... Those weight ranges are bogus. The only person riding a 165 Skunk Ape comfortably would be over 6 feet, over 200 lbs and at least a size 12 boot.

Those calcs are not correct as well and I believe they only apply to camber boards (not the hybrids in the NS line). I would knock at least 2 or 3 cm off any measurement it gives you.

I think at 6 feet tall, your weight is higher up, so with a 151 floppy ass Arbor Draft, you will start to butter and then have the board shoot out from under you.
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