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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I do believe that! The President is in many ways just a puppet. The real power in government lurks in the shadows as Cheney used to say. I believe that there are committees high up comprised of government and corporate power that wield the true power and control; enough to threaten the life of a President if he bucks the system (cough...Kennedy...cough). Once elected, I imagine that they get "briefed" about how things REALLY work and are given "guidelines" for which they are allowed to work within.

I genuinely believe we only have the illusion of representative democracy and what we really have is Plutocracy. We are allowed the illusion of democracy because it is easier and cheaper for the establishment to allow us this illusion of participatory democracy than risk all out rebellion which would cost the establishment money to deal with.

I don't think Obama is a bad man; quite the opposite, I think he is a very decent moral man. I also don`t believe Bush was inherently "evil"; he was dumber than a post yes and amoral, but not "evil" Cheney, Wolfowitz. Armatage, Rumsfeld and the corporate power that pulls their strings on the other hand......Satan`s toejam!

I think Obama will "win" because the establishment wants him to win. I think Romney scares them as too much of a risk. Obama is a known. He has proven that he will ultimately do their will and is a great actor for the American people. Obama has been fantastic for Wall Street and thats all the corporatocracy cares about. I don't see them making any changes while things are going their way. What we get is the dog and pony show to make us all feel like we participated in democracy and the the peoples` will prevailed.

Yeah, I know its tin foil hat talk, but I think it may have some truth....

No it's not. You're on the money.

I still HOPE that in his second term we will see the Obama we wished we elected. Or finally realize how fucked we are.

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