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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
It's an Acura in Upstate NY which means that under the wheel wells it's rusting out. Inside the fenders are probably fucked as well. Then there's the whole exhaust on that car and I bet it's not looking pretty. The Mileage is about average for where it's at but that check engine light can mean anything go snag the code reader. Also if those are the original struts OK but if they've been replaced which I'm going to guess they are that's a clue as to rust issues. Just go look at it in the daylight. Although I will say he's charging about 1,500 too much for a car with those small list of issues.
I didn't see any rust. By 2000, everything but the Integra had much better protection from it. But I didn't look too hard underneath it, I will next time.
I'll shoot for 2000 after the mechanic looks at it.

Originally Posted by Bones View Post
Just drive it to a Pepboys or Autoparts place. Most have a tool loan program. You can borrow a code reader and plug it in right there in the parking lot.
Originally Posted by slyder View Post
No it wasn' respectful well maintained car would be for sale with that light on. If he maintained it well he would have driven it to a speedy lube or changed it himself rather than having a potential buyer come look at a car with a message on the dash saying "change your oil"
If it was maintained he would have a receipt for the timing belt being changed. It is was maintained he would have put new brakes on it to make the car more marketable.

That is also the generation that had tons of tranny issues so that must be looked into very closely~!!!!!

Next, light or dark outside, once you pop the hood there is enough light to see how filthy or clean the engine bay is. Dirty is not maintained, you could eat off mine but that is me.

Worn interior is not an issue, its an armrest that sees the arm the entire time your in the car, junk yard item.

DUDE you need to stop listening to peoples lies !!!!!!
Your right, he was bullshitting me a little. But he was a nice guy, and it wasn't his car. How was he supposed to know so much?
The TL had the tranny problems, the RL's 4-speed is good for 200k *if it's taken care of.*
Yeah, the Lexus I checked out yesterday looked presine under the hood. Mechanic owned though, turned him down since I felt like something was about to go.

Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
how much does this fuckstick want for the car? is $3500 his asking price?

if you do decide to buy it after doing a mechanical check-up i'd offer him $2000 and in the end pay no more than 2500.

show him the cash and if he says no then turn around and walk away.

no one but an assclown tries to sell a car with a check engine light on.
He asked 4000, I offered 3500 after the test drive and he didn't even haggle it. Makes me wonder, but...
I'm bringing my mechanic buddy with me next time I go to look at it, if I decide to. I do like it, but don't mind waiting until something better turns up. I've been waiting this long, already...
And he was selling it for his cousin, the actual assclown for letting the car go to shit.
But if I look at it tomorrow or Saturday, we'll throw the code reader in there and see whats good. If I can get this for 2000 I'm all over it.

Originally Posted by slyder View Post
Hey now!!!! That is my generation and he was funny till he tried a singing career.
Wouldn't be a SBF thread without a joke reference I'm too young to know about.

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