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at least we got an answer.
I vote for same: Fast, stiff, carving and freeride.

Oxess usually makes boards shorter: bx is 163 max(kessler got 168), freeride is 171 only (kessler - 176). Both are 1st class in racing and quite pricey.

I think Virus will be good, as they're cheaper (hehe) then Kessler a bit. So they can probably fall into 600-700 range. Honestly i hardly see a reason to pay more, because you can hit your board hard in freeriding and i don't want to put $1.5k on a rocks. So 600-700 is a best price, imho.

also you can take this manufacturers:
prior (why not?)
swellpanik (really want this!!!!)
virus (that's cool too)

Really it's a nice idea to look on small apline board manufacturers, because they do make some freeride board and this can carve really nice.

Swellpanik for me sounds great - premium handmade swallowtail boards. Not much people need this, so it won't me much people in line.

probably i'd write some more brands, but tomorrow. really wanna sleep now..
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