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^^ Man, you have alot of play in your AC joint. How many times have you seperated your shoulder before? lol

As for rehabbing a broken clavicle, I actually have worked in a Physio clinic for the past few years as a kinesiologist. Ideally, once you regain enough motion to move it without pain, you should start with just some light weights while working on extending the range of motion. Holding a weight while hunched over, doing arm circles, alternating arm and leg lifts while chest down on a physio ball, just easy stuff to get that range of motion back completely while also slowly restrengthening the muscles in the shoulder.

Although since your already back into pushups and actual strengthening, just do what you would normally do but take it easy on the weights. Also make sure, and I can't stress this enough, that you are using proper form when doing any exercises. Normally with a break like this, you start to favour other muscles while it is hurt and you become dependand on those muscles and your form and mechanics get all messed up. So whatever you are doing, make sure you set your shoulder blade down and back before lifting or doing pushups. If your shoulder blade and shoulder are swinging open all over the place or your shrugging that shoulder up when you shouldn't your engaging muscles that you don't want to and aren't strengthening the weak ones. Like killclimbz suggested, it might be a good idea to book one appointment with a PT and just get them to give you some pointers on what to look for when working out. They are very slight things that most people wouldn't notice, but if you go on without knowing them, your shoulder could be pretty messed up in the long run. Right now, when your young you won't notice, but when you get older and the muscles that have been holding the fort where they shouldn't for so long start to break down, you will be in trouble. Trust me, I've seen it too many times to count.

If I had the time I could post a huge workout plan, but I don't and it's much easier to do all this in person, which isn't possible. lol. So yeah, take it easy with whatever you are doing and if you have the cash or coverage, book something with a PT who can just give you a once over assessment.
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