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Hey guys this is also assuming that he used the right screw driver and didn't round them off because the wrong size screw driver head.

I"m constantly removing my bindings when I wax my board, another assumption since OP'er didn't say. I wonder if he ever loosened or removed his bindings the whole season. I'm guessing not since they are in there so good.

I also can't see a shop using red loctite but we all know not all shops are great.

To wolfs idea I would just point out that the OP'er had better make sure the torch tip is at minimal parallel to keep as much extra heat away from the board as possible. Maybe lay some wet towels around the top of the board to prevent heat wash and possible overheating of the board.

It may also be worth the $5-$15 to just take it to a shop, any shop and say I F'ed this up can you get these out. I'm sure they have seen this before.

We all had good ideas, depends really on the OP'ers skill level of using different tools. Everyone is trying to get him out of a jam he created.
Good luck and hope the outcome is positive.
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