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Default Has anyone rode the Flow NX2-AT?

So I bought a brand new setup last year of the following: Rossi One Magtek, Rome 390 Boss, K2 Maysis. When I was renting gear, they came with Flow's and I really enjoyed them. Getting in and out was easy very easy and quick, but sine they were older there was the difficultly getting the powerstrap tight and the highback catching the back of my boot.

With the new flows, all of those issues seem to be addressed so I'm think about picking up the NX2-AT. I do mainly just groomer riding since I'm new, and really don't have an interest in park (I'm 26 and never skateboarded and tricks dont really appeal to me). Has anyone rode the new NX2-AT binding? The 390 Bosses were fine (only rode 1 day on them, f**kin ice coast), but thinking I made a mistake going the traditional 2 strap system since I have used and enjoyed the ease of Flow (albeit shitty ones). If you have ridden them, let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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