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Default Internet download speed and usage caps

My wife and I pulled the cable cord a couple months back and use an HD antenna for television. Unfortunately, we only get 6 HD stations here in Calgary. Anyhow, we now download alot of Netflix (movies for kids) and I noticed she has been downloading tv programs selectively off iTunes. This downloading of HD television series is prompting a noticeable spike in our gigabyte usage the last month. It wasn't too bad before she started downloading the tv series of iTunes. Finally pinpointed that this must be the reason for the sudden spike. Anyhow, we pay $50 bucks a month for internet only which gives me 125GB of data. We are aleady over 70 for the month of October. Definately going to blow through the cap this month. $55.00 a month will give me 200GB which should be ok for a while - but with tech advances I will probably have to bump it up again in a year or so. What do you pay for internet service? Do you think I have a good deal or getting screwed. I do live in Canada afterall.
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