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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
So you have worked in a ski and board shop and have done this?

Obviously, you don't take the torch to the board or bolt directly. You heat the shaft of the driver and the heat transfers down the shaft to the screw. The screw itself heats up to the 350-400 very quickly and if you work reasonably quickly, the loctite become pliable befor much heat is transferred to the insert.

I have removed stuck binding screws like this many times and never damaged a board or a binding. You are more likely to really do more damage with the force of an impact driver. The amount of force typically needed to break apart the hardened red loctite will snap the heads right off of the insert screws long before the loctite gives. I little heat as described will have way more effect than simply using more brute force.
Don't backtrack and get this kid's equipment screwed up because you want to look like an expert on an internet forum. Replying "I've done this hundreds of times" doesn't make it less BS. It's dangerous.
I've probably been snowboarding longer than you've been alive, I've worked on all means of snowboards (and skis, before snowboards existed, in the 80s) over the years, and I'd never bring a torch near a board... closest thing would be a p-tex candle to fill a gouge. And even then, I wouldn't be lighting it with a torch, would I? (Since you claim to work at a shop, you know that -RIGHT?)

Heat expands metal. Just like a stuck bolt on a car. You'd heat the surrounding metal to expand it from the bolt to free the bolt. That's physics. That's how you use heat to free stuck bolts on cars, you heat the surrounding area. Heating the bolt will expand the bolt, making it harder to remove.
In this case, we can't anyway. We have a metal insert, a sleeve, that's simply bonded to our fiberglass/plastic/wood composite snowboard... And we couldn't get to the insert even if you had a micro-torch with heat shields, because there's a very melty plastic-and-foam binding in the way - the thing he's trying to loosen.
In a car, there's no collateral damage from heating a bolt - the surrounding area is solid metal. That's not the case here... not even close.

There's no reason to jeopardize this kid's binding. There's no reason to jeopardize the integrity of this kid's snowboard- particularly the insert that's bonded into the snowboard - with a torch.

No one - I mean NO ONE - who worked at a shop would ever - EVER - take a torch to customer equipment! The liability alone is obvious. If an employee took it upon themselves to "go rogue", bring in their own torch, and exercise this kind of stupidity on customer equipment, they'd be fired for liability alone. Imagine being a shop owner, walking in and seeing some kid holding a torch to your customer's gear?

Heat works to loosen stuck bolts on cars. If that's your mechanical expertise, leave it in the garage. Don't screw up this kid's equipment.

No one is advocating using brute force that I've seen here. The proper tool for this job is an impact gun.

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