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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
i called timmyTARD a retard because he is a retard, you whiney pussy.

Loctite® Threadlocker Red 271™ is designed for the permanent locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It protects threads from rust and corrosion and prevents loosening from shock and vibration. It is only removable once cured by heating up parts to 500°F (260°C).

you don't have a clue what you're talking about.
That you even typed that out shows you don't have any real life experience with loctite. That's a nice marketing snippet you copied.

I've spent about 15 years in production fabrication both hobby and professionally, and my whole life as a car enthusiast, working on my own cars and projects, and I've used plenty of loctite across more applications than I can think of... I can tell you this - you don't need 500 degrees or generally much more than a standard wrench to break it free. Even red loctite (which used to be "the only loctite").
It's purpose is the equivalent of using a locknut rather than a standard nut, in application... so your bolts don't vibrate loose, in a high-temperature application like an engine.

And again - if a shop used red loctite on a snowboard, that would show ignorance on part of that employee, and they would have been going rogue by doing something like that, since that would never be a truly professional shop's policy. We don't even know that's the case here - and if any loctite actually was used, we don't know what type.

I suspect as mentioned earlier, this relates to trying to get them off in warm weather.... and heating the bolts will make things worse in that respect.

Think. Don't vomit ignorance out of your mouth and say it's the rest of the world who doesn't know what they are talking about. Reality is a real thing. Get out there and experience it... then speak from experience, not ignorance.
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