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Ya, I had a feeling there wouldn't be any red loctite in there.

It was never stated that there was loctite on the screws, but thanks for the lesson.

Snowwolf, just because someone disagrees with your opinion, doesn't mean that theirs is wrong & that yours is automatically right.
But I'm sure you'd disagree with me on that too, so obviously I must be wrong?(this means it's a joke) I really don't want to have to write that after every that I post.

You seem to have got a little but hurt, no need for temper tantrums.

So it looks like shedhead, doesn't have the best solution

Chalk one up for Slyder & Tim Tim.

I'm not seein' the hate in there anywhere, + I don't know if you want a pissing match with someone with piss-menship like this?
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I'd pee a Z across your chest before you could even get your diaper off.

I'm actually pretty careful, considering the shit I do. If I wasn't, I would have died long ago.

Shredhead, it's just cause you have a vagina that you see the things I do as retarded. So wash the sand out of that thing
They're not self cleaning ovens you know!!

Sometimes my extremely large balls are a little too big though, so I should be able to lend you @ least 1.

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