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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Listen, there was no call for your prickish, condescending tone here when my response was civil and courteous. No one other than YOU is trying to look like an internet expert and now because someone DARED to disagree with you you write and angry response like an asshurt 12 year old sheila. I did not reply to your post with disrespect or vitriol like a little cunt, you did. I guess you lack the inteligence to actually have a disagreement in a civil repectful manner.

The method I advised works and YES shops do in fact do this. Not only that, but gunsmiths use the exact same method to remove a part (usually a scope) that had Loctite or some other adhesive used. Heat damages bluing so you have to be as careful as when working with skis or snowboards.

You obviously are either too impressed with yourself to read what others write or you have a reading comprehension problem. No one advocated going ape shit with a torch, rather heating the shaft of the screwdriver and using it at a low setting quickly. That isnt "back tracking" it is giving the guy the procedure on how to do it without risking damage.

Oh wow, you have snowboarded longer than I have been alive, well DILIYGAF?

If you cannot engage people in a civil respectful manner, your time here will be very short lived.....

By the way, it seems that the heat method workd just fine for the guy!
Hey - pot, that kettle is looking pretty black.
I don't think "Oh, so you've worked at a shop?" could be interpreted as anything but prickish and condescending. Don't accuse me of that - I responded.

Further, I actually explained the logic on WHY what you said was risky and unprofessional, and if he used that method and it worked for him, it doesn't make it any less so.
I was looking out for his best interest by pointing out the risks. That certainly doesn't make me uncivil.

If you are going to make threats to people who post on behalf of people's best interest, that's pretty immature (that's a judgement on my part) and very inappropriate (that's objective) for someone who's in a position of being a moderator. Call all that "my opinion" and do with it what you like.
Like it or not, you are a moderator. There's responsibility in that. You've got a higher standard to adhere to (I'm a moderator myself on an engineering forum,and an automotive forum). Your personally challenging comment that I responded to was inappropriate by that measure, and certainly had disrespect and vitriol - as does this:
Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I guess you lack the inteligence
It's "intelligence" btw.

I apologize for my reaction, if that came through stronger than the points I made. Certainly there was some reaction there.
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