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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post

Where are you getting this from? I gave advice and posted some techniques and disagreed with another`s adivce and for that you claim I am butthurt or having tantrums yet look at the way this guy eresponded to me.....

Besides, did you not get that my comment about you setting yourself on fire was a joke?????

Maybe you need the emoticon too there buddy.

And by the way, are you going to now chastize Shredlife because this ewarrior wants to impress us all with how much of an expert he is and attacked him too? I think its pretty clear who is butthurt and who is having a temper tantrum over someone having an opinion that differs. You did`nt see me write a post like this:

Bottom line dude is this. I pass on what I know, people are free to take it or leave it but if they say I am wrong, I am not going to just go "Oh okay youre right" out of fear of being disagreeable. When I know I am right and have the facts, I am going to stand up for it and not back down. If you weeping cunts can`t handle that, then go the fuck away and join another forum.
I too will never back down if I believe I'm right.
You might have been right if there was loctite on the screw, it was never stated that there was though.
So you didn't know the facts. You just assumed you did. That makes you wrong.

I would agree you shouldn't back down, if you know the facts.

Not backing down when you don't know the facts though, could get you in trouble one day.

Especially when you kids like to play with guns so much down there.


If whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Then I am so close to immortality
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