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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Not a moderator pal, Im an Admin. I handle technical aspects of the forum. The mods are the E police here. I am just a tech guy so get off your lecturing high horse about "my repsonsibilities as a moderator" your`e barking up the wrong tree......
My question about "so you have worked in a shop?" was a legitimate question. I cant help it if you took THAT personally and found it offensive. You need a little thicker hide I suspect if you took offense to that.
Gotcha, gotcha.

Lecturing high horse is way, way more accurate than taking offense. It's a whole new world today... I don't take offense. My 17 year old nephew said to me a couple years back when I tried to get him into skateboarding "I'm not one of those skateboard jocks". What a 180. Bizzarro world. My world is the punk rock one I grew up in, when you couldn't ride snowboards at resorts, when you had to run from the cops or get your skateboards confiscated.
And the guys I stood up for were the ones getting bullied by others. We rallied together to a common cause. It's a good feeling.

I see that happening on forums like these all the time. Elitists who have cred by virtue of being keyboard commandos. So I legitimately apologize if I pegged you as one of those - when someone comes at someone with the implication of "I'm better than you", that rubs me the wrong way. I'm more than glad to turn a scenario around so that the person trying to make someone else look like a fool -looks like a fool. Some people legitimately need to be put in their place to get their feet back on the ground and head out of the clouds. Especially forums where people looking for advice (who are inherently vulnerable) are trying to find answers. Advice is valuable.

So again - I apologize for coming off aggressive. I thought I had reason to... and then was a little doubly taken aback when I saw "admin" and thought "moderator". Lecturing high horse - guilty as charged.
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