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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Many of us require neither a gun rack, nor the cargo capacity to transport our kills, for our snowboarding vehicle.

Now if this were a manliness forum (ooooooHHHHH!), or a hunting forum, or a truck forum, I could see your point.

In transporting people and snowboards to the mountains, a Subaru beats your truck, and every truck, in every aspect that matters. Speed, snow capability, gas mileage, you name it.

I drive a civic and it also easily outperforms most trucks in all these aspects for mountain driving as well. (I've had ignorant people try to beat down my civic, its a stick shift SI, it'll downshift and race any truck besides a Raptor up a steep hill, it only weighs like 1800lbs or something).

I'm not saying a truck can't work well in snow, its just that I don't need the added weight, loss of power/weight, loss of gas mileage, or anything that sets the truck apart. For camping, hunting, hiking, 4wd access roads, anything like that, sure I'll take the truck.
yes you have me beat in people you can carry and gas but not snow capability my 250 will go places your Subaru couldnt dream of id like to see you try to drive it in 2+ feet of snow as far as speed my truck would destory you subaru in a quarter mile shes a 12 second truck at the track but idk im just not a fan of em dont get me wrong i dont nothin wrong with cars i have 06 mustang but subarus there chick cars

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