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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Freshies I think you maybe missed my other more recent post.

We really aren't disagreeing here.

I love trucks, I keep trying to justify getting one, but I just can't get around the mpg thing. I appreciate you guys trying to talk me into it.

My Hondas are still awesome. Not sure I understand the need to shit on it. FWD works well in the snow you know? Maybe I'm just in the wrong $$ bracket?
It is very possible. And your welcome for us trying to persuade you
The bad mpg does suck a lot though haha. I just tell myself and it becomes justified when I really use it and need it and it gets me through anything (on and off road).
If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk.

Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
do they even make chaps with asses?
Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
I think they call them pants
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