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Originally Posted by tylerkat89 View Post
Touched on this in a different thread, but does anybody take some sort of energy drink/stimulant before hitting the slopes? Sometimes I like to take a Nitric Oxide(NO) or pre-worout(PWO), if anyone knows what those are. I was thinking about it, and in the weight room it can be an issue if you become dependent on a PWO. Can this same dependency create issues on the mountain? Does it make it harder to land those certain tricks if you don't have your fix of a stimulant?

What do you guys take? Why or why not? Pros/Cons?
Pro riders like Brian Fox, Austin Smith, Josh Dirksen, and Scott Wittlake prefer to drink water.

Here's their website:
We Drink Water

Snowboarding is essentially doing ton of squats, wall sits, and some plyometrics all day. Any who think they "need" some type of stimulant beyond a morning coffee to land a trick needs to go see an addiction behavior specialist... possibly Dr.Drew

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