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My wife's school just got some new ipads the other day, and staff were allowed to take them home for the weekend, so I just got my first real chance to try one out. There's no question that the graphics are superior to anything in the pc world. Given the price of the damthing, that should be no surprise. However, I don't find the interface behaviour to be any more intuitive than anything pc-based or android-based. "Intuitive" is mostly a matter of what you're used to.

As others have pointed out, Apple's strength and apple's weakness are the same thing -- the fact that they have total control over their hardware and software. They can guarantee that all software adheres to their interface standards, that all hardware is interoperable with other hardware, and so on. But it also creates a bottleneck. For a small startup hardware or software company, it is so much easier to get into the pc or android marketplace. And that's the strength and weakness of the pc/android marketplace. Way more competition and innovation, with unfortunately a lot more opportunity for crap to get on the market.

As for Apple's much ballyhooed lack of need for anti-virus products, sorry no sale. Even 386bsd, arguably the most secure consumer-level o/s ever made, has had virii. Apple is simply a smaller and less interesting target. All *nix variants have been exploited, and Apple's base o/s isn't any more bulletproof.

Bottom line from my POV, is I really don't care. The main reason I don't own Apple hardware (other than an ipod) is simply that it's too pricey for me and doesn't offer anything that I need that would make me pay the extra fare. If that changes, I'll pony up the $.

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