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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
If you get viruses on your pc, that is just straight darwinism, and you deserve it.

Heads up Apple/Mac users: we no longer get viruses. If you know someone who does urge them to unplug or educate.
Now this is a valid point, haven't had a virus in god knows how long. I just download freeware anti virus from AVG and in the rare case I do stumble upon something that contains a virus it tells me right away and saves my PC. I've been telling my friends for awhile now, apple is nothing more than a long fad that will die out one day when people realize your paying inflated prices for overpriced hardware.

As for Google stepping in and "placing hardware minimums for Android," that can't really happen because the Android platform is free for anyone to use/develop/use. That's the main benefit of it, I can go and build any technological device and install an Android OS on it for free legally.

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