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Originally Posted by biocmp View Post
If you are certain your product is of top quality, send a couple pair to the industry vets on here and ask them to give a user report.

PS - Nothing says angrysnowboarder like Teletubbies
this. pretty good idea.

I think the idea is pretty cool and for people with more money than the average poor college kid it would be nice. I would agree though that you should have a lot more choice in the actual make of the boot, from flexibility, different sole types, lace systems, inside material, ect. Also since you are making custom boots please for the love of god wear a pair and beat the piss out of them and see where the high use/wear spots are and reinforce the shit out of them. Especially on the top of the foot part by the laces where most people rest their board. Coming from someone who has ruined a pair of boots from the top part not being durable enough it can use some more protection around the stitching.

Originally Posted by aliking View Post
Maybe someday, boarders will put pants inside the boots and show it's graphics.
k, im just going to throw this out there...but stupid ass comment. I would be kicking myself in the ass for saying that

If this is the future of snowboarding then count me out
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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
do they even make chaps with asses?
Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
I think they call them pants

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