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Originally Posted by lonerider View Post
It might be different now, but the Cartels from like two season ago had a TON a forward lean built into it, even the zero setting had a noticeable amount of forward lean (a lot of people were complaining about it and some switched Rome bindings, where zero setting was actually zero degrees forward lean).

Now let's take a step back... I think the TT30, DS30 and the DMCC light would all be good choices for the Westmark.

The caveat being that I have not personally ridden those bindings or even the Westmark. I have ridden the Neversummer Evo, to which the Westmark is compared to a lot, so I think I have a decent idea of what kind of board it is.

I just want to answer your question about what a soft binding would feel like. It is a simple fact that it is not as good at riding groomers... however based on your riding style and your personal preference... you might not find the difference that important.

Take this guy in the following video, he is not really using his highbacks and just mellow riding down some mellow groomers. If you ride like that... then you definitely won't notice softer highback (you might notice the softer baseplate though)

On the flipside... if you ride more like this... then you will probably want to use your highbacks. I hope this post helped you understand what I'm talking about.

Thanks for that. I would definitely say I ride like the first vid!

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
In general, going to a softer binding will have the effect of smoothing out the control of the board. A stiff binding, transfers more movement of the feet into the board making for a more responsive and often touch feel. It is like having really touch touchy power steering on your car.

A softer flexing binding absorbs more of this movement which will dampen that touchy effect. While you loose some responsiveness, you gain forgiveness which is why most freestyle riders prefer softer bindings.

I tend to ride as Geolemon describes, using my feet to torsionally twist the board for my skidded turns and using ankle flexion and extension to tilt the board for carving. I tend to prefer a slightly softer flexing binding.

So would you say a softer flex would be better for some one learning to progress more in freestyle as it will be more forgiving?
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