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Originally Posted by 61ragtop View Post
So would you say a softer flex would be better for some one learning to progress more in freestyle as it will be more forgiving?
A better way to think about it is that the stiffest binding is not going to be very forgiving and so it is not ideal for park.

Once, you are in and below the medium flex range for bindings I think it boils down to personal preference (why I said TT30, DS30 and the DMCC light should all work for you). There is only so much any piece of equipment is going to cover for bad technique.

A crappy rider is still going to be a crappy rider even if he is riding a $360 pair of DMCC lights that let him get away with a crappy, over rotated 180 in the mini-park.

My personal opinion... but I say go with a medium stiffness binding like your cartels or what I think the TT30 are... because it is better to figure out what you are doing wrong when you are messing around on a baby 10-ft jump and easy ride-on boxes (where a fall is really only going to bruise your ego), than when you try to hit a 35-ft step-down kicker (where the penalties are much harsher).

Too many times I see people look SUPER sketchy over bigger jumps but manage to pull it out like 4 out of 5 times... then the fifth comes and they eat $hit, but have no clue what they are doing wrong.

People who have been riding a long time know what I'm talking about... super stiff on the approach, a panic speed check on the ramp, usually taking off on an edge or a with a tiny bit of rotation, flailing in the air, often not even close to clearing the gap, and then landing in the flat on edge and immediately going to a heelside slide on the landing... they "survived" the landing because they had "forgiving" gear... but they are just a dice roll away from getting taken down the hill in a sled.
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