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Originally Posted by Kilgore Trout View Post
Thanks for the input guys. Based on what you guys are saying, at my size (6'4" 215#), I should be riding a shorter board. Do you think going from a 166 to say a 163 or 162 will make a noticeable difference?
I think the answer to this question depends on what board you are getting, and what you are using it for. Also, is the legacy an older camber board, or is it from the last few years with the hybrid camber?

Im 64 and 205-210 riding a 161.5 T-Rice for everything including deep powder and its a great size. Im definitely thinking of getting a more powder specific board for the deep days and for that I would likely move back up in the 165 range.

For an all mountain board with a hybrid camber 161-163 could be a pretty good range for you but if you are talking powder specific, I think you are in the right range with the 166. Or you could go bigger if you are looking for a big mountain powder board.
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