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Originally Posted by linvillegorge View Post
The I/Os are great goggles. One big advantage they have over a lot of the oversized goggles is that they tend to work better with most helmets. They have a much better field of vision than a standard goggle, but they still don't have the FOV of something like the Fishbowl. When I put on my Fishbowls, I have to really strain my eyes to actually be able to see the frame. It's literally like you're a goldfish in a fishbowl looking out.
Have you ever tried the VZ Skylabs? They're supposed to be just as wide as the fishbowls but shorter... I think I might give those a try as they're significantly cheaper than fishbowls.

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Snowolf and I have came to an agreement that it was for sure Poutanen's fault. I vote for one year of probation and being forced to ride skis til death.
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