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Originally Posted by lonerider View Post
I am mildly interested in the Freeride or FLP, but would be interested in reading a few reviews on how they ride. I'm sure they are speed demons and grip the icy slopes... more interested in their flex, whether they can carve tighter arcs, and whether they float in powder. I have ridden alpine boards before and I'm not sure that is the feel I'm looking for.
Yeah I hear you, finding reviews for them is next to impossible.

Here's one from bomber online: Virus Avalanche FLP 162

"I just purchased the FLP from Ray out of Aspen. Without getting too much drool on my computer, all I can say is, if you can afford to buy one, do so--immediately. The board is not nearly as stiff as my Donek Incline 160, yet holds a carve far better, displays zero chatter in any condition, and goes so fast that I simply wear a diaper every time I ride it. I wait with baited breath for another soft boot carving board/BX board from Virus. Frank, if you're reading this--send a demo of the new UFC to Telluride for my enjoyment...please????.. Excellent construction and beautiful board. Cheers."

Here's some comments on the same forum about the UFC.

"A really good softer hardboot alternative for you that I really liked in deep powder is the Virus UFC. It comes in a wide width which would suit you. It is extremely forgiving.... and carves extremely well on hard pack... perhaps one of the most versatile boards I have ridden. The Original Madd 170 was really versatile...but no ones selling a original Madd 170 at any price....still not as good in deep powder as the UFC...which IMHO is mind blowing for powder in hardboots on a softer setting. The wide UFC was too wide for me so it might be a good choice for you. It has amazing grip on frozen granualr ...and few boards that grip on bullet proof frozen granular can also ride well in deep pow."

I found one in German I think... used google to translate and the reviewer seemed very impressed! (that was the FLP AFT) for the life of me I can't find it now.

Oh and here are some comments I had e-mailed to me from a hardbooter interested in the group buy...

"So as a carving fool, when I lay into a turn, my legs get compressed until I push them straight coming out of the turn. Very common technique. In choppy, or bumpy snow, this means my legs are acting like shock absorbers to all these imprections in the surface. And at high G turns, it puts a lot of stress on my legs and quads. On a normal race board, I can ride for about 3-4 hours then I am smoked. Enter the virus….I rode some of the worst riding late last season in Michigan. Slush to hardpack and bumps and crude. I was happily riding my virus along and very aggressively making my turns. I decided to go out and try one of my other boards in the car. After two more runs, my legs were burnt up and I was heading back to the car to get the virus again.

So things like that make me think, wow Frank D can really build some boards. I swear he has some magic dust he is putting between the layers of the boards. So, as most people tend to say, virus – get infected. I think I am going to probably only buy his boards from now on. I sold 5-6 boards last year because of my experience with the virus. The carbon/tital construction makes a board so easy to ride, and wow what great pop. I have never had a board that has so much life to it."

I realize $1000 is a lot to drop on a board (for the top model) but I'm going to give it a try. I haven't seen a negative word said about his boards yet... I'm also thinking of buying my GF the regular Avalanche model as her second board. They'll build it to suit her weight, so I'm assuming they can make it not so stiff as to throw her around...
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