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I'm not a vet but I built a "balance board"? It's a good tool for balance and will improve your confidence when approching rails. Decent workout too. I wouldn't use it but if you workout at home then you might like it. Some people on here built it from lumber but I built mine cheaper. Either way is fine.

What i did was get a log, 4'-whatever' is fine. Then split some wedges (shims whatever) off another log and jam them under your log on both sides at either end. Done. Strap in and jump off and on. Try boardslides and noseslides (your not really sliding), pressing whatever. 180-270-360 on off. The shit is pretty fun especially for those of us with shorter seasons. Oh and it wont fuck your board up besides pretty small scratches on base. I don't give a fuck personally, but if you do you could staple old carpet to the log and I bet your base would be fine.

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