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You can do c's, j's, butterfly's, put a bit of 1/4" or 1/8" self adhesive foam in the front/tongue of the liner. Any good ski shop has it and could sell you a piece to cut your own or have them do it, take your boots in. Also make sure that you really cinch down the inner lace on the 32 focus boas and then you can leave the lower boa looser. I also use hurricane tape (also makes them slide in/out easier than duct or other tape) over the c's/padding so they don't rip off when you insert/remove the liners for drying. Besides the c's there is a bit of foam above the heel it makes a little pocket for the heel to set in and then with the inner lace cinched down there is no heel lift. To position the c's just put on the liner mark where your ankle bone sticks out and place the c so that it would cup that protrusion. I also use ed vessieurs "sole" insoles due to high arches...all snowboard boot inserts are pretty much garbage so a good footbed can/will also help.


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