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I feel ya brother... I'm just taking up snowboarding this year and this site has been a huge help already.

Originally Posted by chomps1211 View Post
I just thought I'd post a Thank You" to the forum & it's members for providing such a great site!

I'm really amazed that I have progressed like I have at snowboarding! I have never been what you would call a natural athlete!

In high school, I sucked SO-O-O-O bad at skiing that I quit even trying some 30+ years ago! I was bummed. I always wanted to ski! It looked like a lot of fun, seemed like all the hottest chicks were on the slopes! But I couldn't even make it up the tow rope to the top of the bunny hill without takin' out half a dozen innocent spectators!!!! On ski's, my legs either tried to rip me in two me like a wishbone, or cross over each other & work "The Boy'z" like a Nut cracker!!! (...ouch!)

Then after I hit a beginners lesson at the bottom, & ran over the instructors brand new $500 ski's! (That's 1978 dollars BTW!) They booted me off the hill!

(…Uncle Sam put me on cross country ski's once during cold weather survival training when I was in the service, I couldn't stay upright on them long enough to even get a picture of it!)

The Ironic part of all this is that the very hill that booted me all those years ago, is where I took my first snowboard lesson!!! 20 min. into it, I was doing well enough that the instructor said I should just "Go & Ride".

For me,.. 2 six foot feet just didn't jibe!! But for whatever reason, One Four foot, foot does! I seem to naturally "get" snowboarding, and for me it's WAYYYY more fun & a lot cooler than anything the "Two Plank Skanks" r doin'! (I came up with that after some skier referred to me as a "Gay Tray Rider!)

So now, I just want to ride as much as I can,.. progress as much as I can before I get too old & decrepit to strap in and enjoy it!

I really appreciate having a site like this to ask all the stooop'd NooB questions & and learn all I can about the sport!! Thanks!
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