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Originally Posted by Casual View Post
If you want awesome sound, comfort and quality for $40? Panasonic. I know its not the "coolest" brand, but compare the specs to any expensive buds like bose and sennheiser, they are right there. Skullcandy are just trendy shiny things that sell to kids but sound like tin.

Heres a quick comparison between some random skullcandy phones for $50 and these panasonic and some high end sennheisers:

SC: Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Pan: Frequency response 6Hz 24kHz
Senn: Frequency response 16Hz - 24KHz

Trust me, you will notice the range.

Edit* These are also super comfortable, most headphones hurt my ears after a while, but these can stay in for hours and your toque/helmet wont move them around if you wear them riding.
I'm sorry to bump this old thread, but I'm on another search for headphones, and I was wondering what those headphones were that you posted, Casual.

Where they these? Panasonic RP-HJE280-G Inner Ear Earbuds w/Extension (Green): Electronics
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Snowolf and I have came to an agreement that it was for sure Poutanen's fault. I vote for one year of probation and being forced to ride skis til death.
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