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Originally Posted by turbospartan View Post
You're getting to the point where it is now or never. I am 28 and looking back, I wish I would have taken a year between graduating college and starting in the "real" world, to go explore / travel / etc.
Wish I had done the same thing but was pretty much forced into the construction industry right after high school.

I would LOVE to leave my job right now and go work as a groomer operator, snowboard instructor, or any of the above...

But now I make far too much compared to what I'd get at the hill, and I've got the taste of economic freedom in my mouth and you can't wash that taste out. I still get out to the hill a lot, and can afford the equipment I want. But are there days I'd like to be 23 again, and able to say "FUCK IT ALL" and go work at a resort, live the cheap life, and board for a year or two? Fuck yeah...
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