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that looks like a great little camera, if a little large in the body compared to other fixed-lenses. crazy zoom on that bitch... use the panoramic sweep on it yet? i was stoked with that on my nex.

for me i like using interchangeable lenses - get to use a fisheye and a 300mm zoom on the same camera, super fast 1.2s, leica someday, & get to use primes! and i already have a significant investment into canon glass so being able to use them on the nex with an adapter was a selling point for me also...

biggest thing for me was this: you'll only take shots with the camera you have WITH YOU and the dslr with L series glass is just a ridiculous amount of weight to add to a bc pack and i hate the lag on my point and shoots (they're not as nice as linville's tho) for action shots
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