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For those who are in the "can't quite wrap my head around how evolution could create such complex beings without help" camp, here's an interesting article in which scientist at Bristol University England have been able to model the evolution of sight over a timescale 700 million years using...

"...computational analysis to test every hypothesis of opsin evolution proposed to date. The analysis incorporated all available genomic information from all relevant animal lineages, including a newly sequenced group of sponges (Oscarella carmela) and the Cnidarians, a group of animals thought to have possessed the world's earliest eyes.

Using this information, the researchers developed a timeline with an opsin ancestor common to all groups appearing some 700 million years ago."

Bristol University | News from the University | Evolution of vision

Over a timescale that long - which we are barely able to comprehend - perhaps you might start to see a lot less need for a 'designer' or even a 'guider' as an explanation for our present day complexity.
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