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Originally Posted by OldDog View Post
Fucked my back up Monday night at the gym. I was squatting 315 lb for reps and felt a "twinge" on my 2nd set. I of course finished my workout (including stiff-leg dead lifts) because I'm a moron.

For the last 2 days I can barely bend over and I can't sit or stand too long without stiffening up. I'm really hoping at this point that it is just a soft tissue pull/strain and not a disc(s). Holy fuck am I hoping. Gonna give it til the end of the week to mellow and will go see a Dr. if it doesn't.

Point is, if this fucks up my 1st season after dropping almost $3k on gear and a season pass I'm gonna be pretty bummed (read as FUCKING PISSED OFF!). Anyway, just wanted to whine. As you were...

Get to a physiotherapist asap as well as your doctor who will prescribe some muscle relaxants. IMS needling at physio office is the bomb.
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