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I love my WRX......

To be honest, the turbocharged Subaru engines are totally bombproof as long as you stay up on your normal maintenance. I have a bit over 100k on mine (70k+ on the STi turbo) tuned, and still going strong. The normally aspirated Subaru engines have a tendency to blow the head gasket over 100k miles. If you're looking at a used Subaru close or over 100k, keep that in mind (it's an expensive fix).

The Legacy's are great cars, my GF has one. My dad used to have a Legacy Spec-B (limited edition turbo, 6spd tranny). Awesome road trip car.

I'm actually looking for an Outback right now as my DD/winter car. Way bigger than my WRX wagon, and can get over 30mpg. Not bad.

Where do you live? I might have missed that in the thread. Here in Seattle you can have your choice of any Subaru you could imagine for sale, haha.
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