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Originally Posted by KnoxBoarderX View Post
Take some ibuprofen to help and get to the doctor. I currently have a bulging l5-s1 disc and it sucks. I also did it lifting. It doesn't sound like you have one based on the symptoms you described. Mine was shooting pain down my left leg so bad that I couldn't move. I couldn't even lie down without pain. Typically a disc injury will press on the nerve that runs along your spinal cord, which will cause referred pain to other extremities, legs if the disc is lumbar, and arms if the disc is cervical.

In the meantime, try not to bend over at all, in case it is a disc problem. I really wouldn't do too much until you talk to the doctor.
Originally Posted by Dysantic View Post
That sounds like a strain of some sort. If you slipped a disc or herniated something you wouldn't be able to move at all without massive amounts of pain. Of course, it is much different reading a description than seeing it, but I'd put my money on a muscle pull or strain.

I'm a kinesiologist by the way, so I'm not just making this up as I go. I'd recommend seeing a physio in your local area though. It's much easier to diagnose and help in person than on a message board. lol

Best of luck with it.
Been popping naproxen like candy. Called the physio today. Waiting for a call back for an appt. No referred pain, but it does spasm a little now and then and it gets weak a feels "loose" for an instant every once in a while. I hope you're right and it's just a strain.

I've been icing in the evenings and stretching a couple times a day. I think it might be a little better now than it was yesterday. Of course a muscle relaxer, 2 beers, and 9 hours of sleep will work wonders!

Thanks for all the replies...
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