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Originally Posted by DrnknZag View Post
I love my WRX......

To be honest, the turbocharged Subaru engines are totally bombproof as long as you stay up on your normal maintenance. I have a bit over 100k on mine (70k+ on the STi turbo) tuned, and still going strong. The normally aspirated Subaru engines have a tendency to blow the head gasket over 100k miles. If you're looking at a used Subaru close or over 100k, keep that in mind (it's an expensive fix).

The Legacy's are great cars, my GF has one. My dad used to have a Legacy Spec-B (limited edition turbo, 6spd tranny). Awesome road trip car.

I'm actually looking for an Outback right now as my DD/winter car. Way bigger than my WRX wagon, and can get over 30mpg. Not bad.

Where do you live? I might have missed that in the thread. Here in Seattle you can have your choice of any Subaru you could imagine for sale, haha.
Originally Posted by hikeswithdogs View Post
Get an Outback unless your trying to make up for a small penis or somthing

Fuck what anyone else thinks, if you have dogs and or lots of gear they fuckin rock in the mountains.

Find yourself an older used Toyota FJ##\Land Cruiser, indestructible and you can work on them yourself unlimited upgrade options.

edit...sorry about your car

Haha thanks, Ya i am sad about the car too. My wife and I paid it off in march, and over the 4 years we have had it, we havent even put 30k miles on it yet. We are poor, so we only finance one car at a time, BUT NOW ITS MY TURN TO GET A CAR I WANT MUAHAHA !

I actually might still get the outback, if i fight the right one. I want the XT model, but I also want it to be close to fully loaded. My biggest fear about buying the outback " my wife HATES the outback " is that my small penis might not get enough attention from her if i do commit to it .

Im with you though man, fuck what other people think, oklahoma people are at times stuck in a fucking bubble. Most of them have no idea what lies beyond this shit hole state.. LoL ..

Thanks for the reply sir =D
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