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Originally Posted by Dysantic View Post
Shhhhh! Stop posting all the boards I want to buy when I get to Whistler in 3 weeks, damnit!

I saw the Slackcountry like 20 minutes after it was posted 2 days ago. I doubt it will still be around when I get there, but it is a monster deal. lol
I know, I want it too. I was almost not going to post that one in here because I thought I might be able to scrounge up enough to get it.

I just bought my used Slackcountry off that same guy, he didn't have that brand new one when I bought the used one off him, or I probably would have got it.

Write that dudes number down, he's got a tonne of brand new wicked gear @ his house & he gets more new shit weekly. When I was there he had about 20 boards 7 pairs of bindings a few pair of boots & lots of sweet goggles. He'll have a whole new selection when you get there.

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