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Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
Vapor "2010 Top 5 in The Pipe Good Wood Award Winner, 2009 Top 5 in the pipe Good wood award Winner, 2007 Future Top 10 Award Winner, 2006 Good Wood Award Winner. Are you a drug dealer? Neurosurgeon? Do you own a professional sports team? Are you a dictator of a small country? Do you have a few oil wells in Saudi Arabia? Did you pull out of real estate in the mid 2000′s? If so the Burton Vapor might be for you. That being said is this is one of…. if not the first ultra light boards created. The Burton Vapor is a directional snowboard but its very close to a twin in shape. It is quite unique in terms of tech and almost anyone who has tried the Vapor can’t really find any glaring issues. The 2011 Burton Vapor has changed a lot from 2010 by changing the core from aluminum to wood. The ride is better but still very much the same style ride as the aluminum Vapor. The 2012 Burton Vapors‘ wood core is a little more springy and seemed lighter than the 2011 but it’s hard to say for sure. The 2013 Burton Vapor is pretty much the same board as 2012 and that’s not so much a bad thing."

That is not a review. That is brand bullshit. There is no possible way going from Alu to wood does not change the ride much. That's utter bullshit and it shows me they have not ridden both incarnations. I have not ridden the wood one but I did ride the Alu. Harsh as a motherfucker and super weak base. Bounce off a rock and you will dent the base. Vibrations right to your feet too. Fucking awful.

Custom "It’s pretty stiff, fast and fun for tearing up the mountain at high speed"
That is the extent of the ride review.

Custom"They did add “Squeeze Box” tech to the 2012 which helps improve the flex between the feet but to us we didn’t notice much of a difference compared to the previous models. We felt a bit of a difference on some other Burton boards with the Squeezebox tech but for some reason it seemed almost the same with the Custom X"

The don't know what squeezebox is and clearly either didn't ride the board or couldn't ride well enough to feel the difference.
Scroll down from there and click the tab that says "in depth"
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