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Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
Camrock? Last years T9 Camrock. Liked that. Other than that, YES and Signal were really the only ones doing camrock. He wasn't a fan of the Omni, I was, and neither of us liked really anything from YES. Still don't. Pretty much just the 2013 Greats.

Hates DWD? He liked the video and the Genovese.

He doesn't hate on Rossi as a product, just that their marketing campaign is utter crap and is killing the brand again. Years and years ago he like the Trickstick if memory serves.

Do you read the site? I can't figure out where you would have gotten these biases from. Arbor, Capita, Mervin, or Union would have made more sense. I can explain those too if you want though.
Maybe i missed the T9 review but i remember him saying that he thought it was a usless incarnation of camber but he is alowed to change his opinion and i don't hold it against him that he changed his mind on it.

Like i said its just the impression that i get. I have seen him say dwd should die.

I read the whole rossi thread the other day, all the comments section and he said they were all terrible and he didn't need to ride them this year (whatever year that was) cause they were garbage.(paraphrasing)

I am curious as to why he hates mervin and capita although capita could just be the ppl as they are part of union.

Union i have read enough comments to know why he doesn't like them although i haven't ridden them so i can't confirm and i don't deal with reps or companies so i don't have that insider knowledge.

He does seem to like arbor and k2. Although he didn't like the life like so i don't think he is very bias on k2.

I don't think he is terribly biased but on one or 2 issues he seems to be. I wouldn't really expect him not to be to be honest. I found the Nitro t1 (from a few years ago) to be very accurate and wish i would have read it before i bought it as i don't like the board (my rock board now). And the highlife was also very accurate to my experience so i trust a lot of what he/you say.
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