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Originally Posted by Planet Boulder View Post
Okay, I'm a n00b, but I'll try to provide as much info as possible.

I prefer an all-mountain board. I'm about 90% mountain, 10% park and I mainly do small booters and rails in the park.

I'm 5'10", 197 lbs and I started riding in the late 90s, but took a few years off in the mid 2000s. Just started back up a couple of years ago, fortunately and bizarrely, with little loss of skill, save for maybe some landings.

I mainly ride Summit County (A-Basin and Keystone) and Eldora (season pass). Haven't bought a new board in YEARS - still riding my trusty old 158 Ride Timeless (so I prefer a stiff, all mountain board).

The dude at the shop in Boulder narrowed it down to the following for me, given what I stated above:

Forum Holy Moly
Ride Machete
Jones Mountain Twin
Salomon Man's board

All were 158 or 159 and he chose those because he thought camber or hybrid camber was best for me.

I've done some searches here and some research elsewhere and, to me, it seems like the Forum is more of a park board? I'm definitely open to other suggestions.

Anyway, if I've missed anything, please tell me and I'll provide. I'm a schmucky n00b, so I expect I left out some crucial info somewhere.
your riding history is pretty similar to mine with the hiatus in the early 2000s and getting back in to it later in life (except you ride bigger mountains) and you're about the same size so FWIW here's my take:

Machete is probably softer than you want if you're interested in keeping a relatively stiff board. Ditto that for the Holy Moly (if you're talking about this year's HM II; I didn't ride prior year's Holy Moly) although that one feels a bit stiffer underfoot than the Machete. Did not ride the Jones. The Man's board might be what you're looking for out of this bunch although I would not really consider it a rails board it will be plenty fine for you on jumps.
This board is definitely a strong all-mountain bordering on the slackcountry freeride side. This board is going to work best for someone who wants a fast, stable, predictable cambered board (so yeah I mean old guys over 30) to go fast, hit natural terrain, cliff/rock drops, etc. Upper-intermediate to advanced all-mountain riders only, the Man’s Board is too much board for beginners.
That's my summary but here's the full review if interested. I should have a review of the Machete posted already not sure if I've written the Holy Moly review yet though.
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