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Don't get all worked up.

My point is that, as a visitor, it is pretty easy to get into Canada. There's a long list of countries that don't require a visa to enter, just a valid passport. You can be denied entry for a variety of reasons including a record, but you don't require a visa. That said, visitors are subject to Canadian law but not entitled to Canadian privileges.

Long term residency (1 year +1 day?) and working are another story.

We used to have a problem with foreigners applying for work permits using relative's companies and then immediately hitting up the healthcare system. So many provinces have added a waiting period and the Feds really increased the difficulty level for employers.

Point being, that most employers won't even attempt to jump through those hoops unless you've got a rare skill set that they need. Lifties, dishwashers, etc. aren't going to get it.
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