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Originally Posted by bpowder View Post
soo.. im planning to buy new stuff for this year, im mostly doing freeride , but i like to do something in the park as well, im not so often on slopes but anyway i think i need some all mountain setup, right? so here we go.. im 193 cm/85 kg and thats the stuff i want to buy

i know that this stuff is good for intermediate like me (correct me if im wrong), but the questions are :

- does that equipment fits with eachother ?
- bindings and boots, good for freeride?
- is it worth that price or maybe you can suggest something better for same price?
- any1 tried those boots? are they ok?
- how about goggles lens colour? i have no freakin idea how to chose it, i need some for freeride/park mostly
- actually you can tell me anything about that equipment if you have tried it, would be nice to hear some opinions (i did read a lot about all these thing in internet, but its always ok to read some more)

and 1 more bonus question, what you think is better to cover face from freezing, mask or neckwarmer? i used only some shitty stuff so i have no idea whats better, i want to buy one of those

thanks in advance !
Wow that's a lot of questions for one thread! Welcome to the club anyway...

Okay, so first off, Freeride and Park are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Freeride is basically riding all over the mountain, a lot of powder, off-piste, carving, with the occasional backcountry jump. It heavily favours stiffer setups. Park needs a medium to soft setup. So before we get too into the suggestions. Lets determine your riding style. I do about 90% freeride, 5% playing around doing side jumps/hits, and 5% park. So for me a freeride setup is perfect.

The other thing is, your height isn't that important in figuring out board size, foot size is important. And unless you have US/CAN Size 12+ feet, you likely don't need a wide board. Unless you NEED a wide board, you don't WANT a wide board. Trust me.

As for the face cover, I use one of the half masks that covers my nose, lips and chin, and it velcro's behind my neck. Keeps me plenty warm on ice cold days.

Originally Posted by pharcyde View Post
ive never been a fan of goggles, the frames on my face annoy me and they kind of restrict vision (you can see the frames usually). if you don't fall much id suggest sunglasses. oakleys work great, the lenses are interchangeable, so you can match them to conditions easily and replace them if they break. the earpieces also snap out, usually before they break. if they do break they are replaceable as well though.
As a guy who goes more than 20 km/h on the snow, and who HAS fallen on his face several times over the years, I strongly suggest goggles over sunglasses. With even the best fitting sunglasses you're going to tear up once you get any speed at all, and I'd be worried about protecting my eyes going headfirst into snow with a pair of sunglasses on.

I landed head first one night after I over rotated in the air, and my goggles were probably the first to hit. The lens cracked in half but stayed together protecting my face from most of the impact.
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