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Seems like a pretty cool idea to me and that documentary was pretty sweet. Shot very well.

The only tip I have and this is just a pet peeve that I have, is that when you are interviewing people try to mention to them not to use the word "like" every other word. I actually had this problem when I spoke in public and fixed it during a public speaking class in college as I had to tape myself once and then critique my own speaking skills. Once I saw myself talking like that, I never did it again.

Like I said, this is a little nitpick and wouldn't make any difference in your video. Its just much nicer to watch interviews when they aren't using that word all the time.

Overall though this is a sweet idea for snowboarding. I talk to my friends all the time about how the sport makes me feel. There is nothing more original or freeing than picking your line down a run and just nailing it perfectly and thinking that you may be the only person that day taking that exact same line.
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